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History - Aviation
Lorimer, now retired, has been a pilot all his life.

He started flying in the Royal Navy as a helicopter pilot, flying from the decks of frigates and destroyers all around the world.

After twelve years he left the Navy and joined British Airways Helicopters, flying the S61 and Chinook helicopters from Aberdeen in Scotland out to the North Sea oil rigs.

Nine years later, he converted to flying fixed wing aeroplanes and joined the airline British Midland, later bmi, now part of B.A., flying first the Boeing 737, and then the Airbus A320 series aircraft out of Heathrow, around the UK and Europe.

After eighteen years he reached his 60th birthday and had to retire – but he says that after 18,000 hours and forty plus years of flying and with only one crash, he was glad to do so.

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"This 12-minute video contains extracts from a one-hour presentation made on Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 in December 2014. The recording by the technical staff was designed for broadcast on in-cabin TVs and so is not in HD quality.
This talk, entitled ‘Stories from a Career in Flying’, is one of eight separate presentations on different aspects of aviation. They are all media-rich, many looking at Captain Burn’s 40 years’ experience as a pilot, and some at more general aspects of aviation, such as Fear of Flying, How aeroplanes work etc. A more detailed list of Presentations can be found on this page, and more are added each year.”

1. “A Caribbean Adventure”
This 45-minute presentation describes a 6-month deployment to the Caribbean in a Royal Navy frigate, and some of the many helicopter operations to the islands using the ship’s Wasp helicopter.

2. “Stories from a Career in Flying”.
There are 4 stories in this presentation. First, naval helicopter operations off Iceland during the ‘Cod Wars’. Second, helicopter flying in the Royal Navy, including some dramatic video of landing a Lynx helicopter on a frigate’s deck in a gale. Third, helicopter operations to the North Sea oil rigs including passenger ditching training. And fourth, “Don’t fly through a thunderstorm!” – a story of an accidental flight into a cumulonimbus cloud over Basingstoke, UK.

3. “Flying really is the safest way to travel”
This presentation looks at a very brief history of flying; why even the worst weather will not affect a modern aeroplane; modern aircraft design and redundancy; pilot training and simulators; and finally, a short video on how to land an aeroplane which has lost one wing!

4. “Flying from the Pilot’s Point of View”
A brief look at Air Traffic Control; an explanation of what is required to get an A320 Airbus ready for a flight from Heathrow to Edinburgh; explanation of the pilot’s flight instruments and the information they display; a look at landing aids and the challenges of operating into Heathrow; and finally an aerial quiz.

5. “Flaps, Slats and Contrails”.
This presentation will be more technical, looking at how wings provide lift; how flaps & slats work; how contrails form – and much more.

6. “A Calamity & a Triumph”.
This presentation looks in some detail at the disastrous crash of Air France 447 into the Atlantic in July 2009, and also examines the skillful avoidance of disaster of the landing of US Airways 1549 in the Hudson river, NY, in Dec 2008.

7. “50 reasons to not be afraid”.
Fear of Flying is ‘all in the mind’. But nevertheless, it can be difficult to overcome. Facts and understanding can help. You will be given much information which will enable an anxious passenger to reason with his/her mind, and so relax a little. There will be paper handouts to support this talk and for future reference.

8. “Thoughts of an Airline Pilot”.
Lorimer discusses the best qualities a pilot should have; the importance of communication; his final flight; emergency procedures and many other topics.

9. “A Summary & Highlights from a World of Flying”.
This final session will give a chance to see some of the best videos and pictures from the previous talks; include some new material; and answer some questions which may have been submitted earlier.

10. "Incredible Flying Boats – From luxury travel to warplanes"

Note: If there is the opportunity, each Presentation will be preceded for 10 minutes or so by a looped PowerPoint display of “Amazing Flying Pictures” to ‘set the scene’ while guests take their seats.
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