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Stephen has lectured about natural history around the world since 2007, having always been fascinated by wildlife. Although marine wildlife is his speciality, his love for and knowledge of other creatures and general ecology is extensive.†

In 2006 when a whale swam up the Thames into London, Stephen was volunteering on the rescue and this triggered an old passion. He left three decades in advertising behind to take up the challenge of rejuvenating the whale and dolphin survey charity ORCA and created a cruise programme for the charity that led to him lecturing on cruises worldwide. Stephen became a trustee of the charity shortly after leaving to set up a wildlife motorbike tour company in 2010.†

Plans changed though when he was then asked to head up BDMLR, UK wildlife rescue charity. Managing 3,500 trained volunteers, he became an authority on whale and dolphin rescue and sat on a number of panels and advisory groups until leaving in late 2018. In 2019, Stephen embarks on a four-year trip 'Around the World in 80 Whales' with the intention of recording as many marine mammal species as possible and spending time with other conservationists, rescuers and researchers and promoting their projects. Travelling by motorbike across land, he is hoping to make major sea crossings by cruise ships and will supplement his wildlife lectures with talks of this adventure.

An inspiring speaker, his talks are enthralling and enchanting. A willing sharer, Stephen is always willing to discuss wildlife experiences with cruise guests.

Whales in our waters! - Marine wildlife that is likely to be seen on the upcoming cruise (this is amended to be relevant to each trip).

How do they do that? - A look at some incredible things that animals can do.

Seal appeal! - A talk about the seals of the world and their habits.

The mystery of mass strandings. - Why do whales and dolphins sometimes mass-strand on beaches around the world. How do these events build up and how can we help to rescue them?

Blowing hot and cold! - Depending on the cruise itinerary, a look at how creatures regulate their temperature to survive in harsh conditions.

Cool creatures - how do animals, birds and even insects survive in the extreme cold.

Polars, Grizzlies, Grolars and Pizzlies! The great bears of Alaska -Hear about the big bears of Alaska, as well as the hybrids. How do they live, hunt and survive and how are they being protected.

Wet fur! - The seals, sea lions and sea otters of the Pacific.

Patterns of Life - In this talk, Stephen explores the way that colour and pattern is used by many creatures in their lives.

Amazing Adaptations! - How animals are adapted to live in their habitats.

Tantalising turtles! - Turtles are enigmatic creatures and their life cycle is truly incredible. Hear about the fascinating lives of turtles around the world and specifically those living in the Pacific.

Migratory Marvels! - The wonders of migration. Why do some creatures travel thousands of miles in a year and how do they do it?

Did you hear that? - How does marine wildlife communicate? How do they find their mates and how do they find their prey?

Amazonian River Mammals - Hear about the dolphins, giant otters, manatee, fish and reptiles that live in the Amazon River itself.

Land mammals of the Amazonian Rain Forest - Hear about the incredible mammals that inhabit the forest such as the cabybara, jaguar, anteater, sloth and monkeys.

Big Society! - Social activity of whales and dolphins. Why are some whales solitary and others gregarious. How important is family to their population structure?

Putting something back! - The story of marine wildlife rescue in the United Kingdom.

How to watch whales! - How to get the best out of whale-watching; what to look for, how to understand what youíre seeing, how to get the best photographs.

The biggest of them all! - A talk about the blue whale, the largest animal there ever has been and the sperm whale, the largest toothed animal there ever has been.

Sneaky beakies! - A look at one of the rarest whale families, the deep-diving and enigmatic beaked whales.

Feeding frenzy! - How do whales and dolphins find their prey and feed?

Mermaids, marsupials and monotremes - A look at the wildlife of Australia.

Amazing Africa! - The wildlife of Africa.

The Wildlife of Central America - Why is Central America such a haven for wildlife? A talk about incredible biodiversity there.

Cruising creatures! - A photographic journey of Stephenís wildlife sightings from ten years of cruises.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation - An in-depth look at worldwide threats to whales and dolphins and what is being done to protect these iconic animals.

Around the World in 80 Whales! - One manís quest to see as many whale and dolphin species from a standing start.

Fin, Feather, Fur and Scales! - Usually the final talk on a trip, where Stephen will share his wildlife sightings and photos from the cruise.
Stephen is an experienced cruise lecturer and wildlife guide, having lectured about natural history all over the world since 2007. Having run whale and dolphin survey and rescue charities, marine wildlife is his speciality but his fascination and knowledge of other creatures and ecology is extensive. An inspiring speaker, his talks are enthralling and enchanting. A willing sharer, Stephen is always willing to discuss wildlife experiences with cruise guests. In 2019, Stephen embarks on a four-year trip by land and sea called 'Around the World in 80 Whales' and will supplement his wildlife lectures with talks of this motorbike adventure.
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