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Colonel (Retired) Bart Howard is a retired US Army officer, historian and expert on strategic leadership. He holds a degree in History, and a Masterís degree in Strategic Studies.

He is also a graduate of the Australian Army Command and Staff College. As an Armor Officer, he has commanded at every level from Platoon (16 Soldiers) to Brigade (3500 Soldiers). He has served in active service in Desert Storm and Afghanistan.

Having lived in Europe, Asia and Australia, he has travelled extensively.

In his final assignment, he was a senior assistant to the Supreme Allied Commander Europe in Mons, Belgium.

After retirement from the military, he served as a professional in the Emergency Management field. He was responsible for US Army NATO forces in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg. Subsequently, he was the Emergency Manager for the City of Colorado Springs, Colorado, a jurisdiction of 450,000 and 194 square miles. He is a Certified Emergency Manager with the International Association of Emergency Managers.

He is a highly accomplished public speaker and has lectured on leadership and historical topics at the Institute for International Strategic Studies in London, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, Cornell University, Santa Clara University and the Air Force Academy.

Colonel Howard's presentations bring to life the fascinating history of many regions and allow his fellow passengers to better understand the momentous events that occurred.

He is married to a USAF officer who is fluent is Portuguese and Spanish and is the proud father of three sons. Two are school age and his oldest is a USAF Pilot.

He currently lives in Naples, Italy.
1. General Eisenhower: (At Sea, Gibraltar, Malta, London)
A study of the life of General Dwight Eisenhower, from the plains of Kansas to the pinnacle of world leadership. General Eisenhower was a key leader in the Allies' drive on Tunisia, the Invasion of Sicily and Salerno and ultimately in the most famous battle in World War Two: D-Day 6 June 1944 on the shores of Normandy.

2. General Patton: (At Sea, North Africa, Mediterranean Sea)
A study of the controversial and colorful life of the famous General George Patton. Patton played a key role in leading US forces onto the shores of North Africa and eventually the famous race to Messina vs Field Marshal Montgomery. Although almost relieved of command, Patton returned to charge across France following D-Day. Look beyond the movie and find out what the real Patton was like.

3. Operation Dragoon: (The French Riviera)
The lesser known other "D-Day" that occurred along the French Riviera. One of the largest amphibious operations in history, Operation Dragoon was filled with controversy. Winston Churchill was never enthusiastic about the concept of drawing forces away from the Italian Campaign yet this mission was so successful it has nearly been lost to history.

4. The Italian Campaign Part I: (Mediterranean Sea, Sicily, Naples)
Follow the Allies as they move onto Sicily and eventually the heroic landings at Salerno with a character study of the rivalry between General George Patton and Bernard Montgomery.

5. The Italian Campaign Part II: (Mediterranean Sea, Rome, Naples)
The Allies learn first hand the challenges of moving through Italy during the wet season. At every turn there are mountains, river and mud. What happened at Anzio? A look at the final push through Cassino and the capture of Rome. A character study of the lesser known, General Mark Clark.

6. The Desert War: (At Sea, Mediterranean, Tunisia, Algeria)
A study of the famous Desert Rats and the dramatic tank battles of North Africa. Follow Rommel, Monty and learn how El Alamein was added to the rolls of epic battles of World War Two.

7. Operation Torch: (At Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Tunisia, Algeria)
Follow the Allied landings in Morocco and Algeria in the first large US amphibious operation in World War Two. What was decided at Casablanca and how did intrigue and spies play a role in the ultimate strategic decisions that changed the war.

8. Landing Ship Tanks and Fate of Empires: (At Sea, Mediterranean Sea)
Winston Churchill once lamented that the "destinies of two great empires seem to be tied up in some damned things called LSTs." What were these special ships and what went into the complex planning and execution of an amphibious landing. Looking off the deck of our wonderful ship with the smell of sea air contemplate what such an operation was like.

9. Brazen Chariots: (At Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Tunisia, Algeria)
Much has been written about battles of World War One and Two, but what was it like to live and fight on tanks? From Tigers to Shermans and Patton's "Hell on Wheels" this is the personal story of being a "Tanker."

10. The Mediterranean: (Mediterranean Sea)
Although much has been written about the famous World War two naval battles of the Pacific and Atlantic, what happened on, below and above the waters of Mediterranean Sea. What was Churchill's "Tiger Convoy" and how did Malta play such a critical role in the outcome of the war.

11. The Battle of the Atlantic: (At Sea)
Wolf Packs and Victory Ships. This is the epic story of the great sailors who sailed the Atlantic with the critical mission to keep the lifeline of supplies moving.

12. Desert Storm: a View From the Turret: (At Sea)
A unique story of the 1990-91 Gulf War from the perspective of a Tank Company Commander who was at "the Tip of the Spear." How did the US Army and its Allies evolve from the Cold War to suddenly find themselves in the wide open desert to fight the largest tank battle since World War Two?
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