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Melinda Bates is the first person in history to be a Special Assistant to the President and Director, White House Visitors Office for all eight years of any administration. From her elegant East Wing office she organized events both large (the annual Easter Egg Roll) and small (Presidential birthday parties.) Her day might begin with breakfast with Tom Hanks, a State Visit, lunch with Michael Douglas, tea with the Queen of Sweden or Dr. Ruth, and dinner seated next to the President of the United States. She welcomed many thousands of visitors to the White House, including all the most interesting celebrities, royals, politicians. In the morning the beautiful former Queen of Greece and in the afternoon the Grateful Dead. On the same day. No problem! Thanks to her historic years there Melinda is a leading authority on White House social history and the author of a popular memoir, White House Story.

She has appeared on the Today Show, multiple CNN programs, C-Span, multiple Fox programs, ABC and CBS. She has been a featured speaker on Celebrity ships for over 11 years and Viking ships for a year. Guests frequently call her, “the best speaker we ever heard!” and thank her for “making our cruise!” She does not discuss politics unless requested, but only our common history we all can share.

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Backstage at the White House!
Hold Onto Your Hats, it's a hell of a ride from church volunteer to Special Assistant to the President. How does the White House really work? What happens when it doesn't work the way you so carefully planned? Who comes to visit? All the world's most interesting people!

Backstage with First Families!
think your family is "odd?" Take a look at the quirky and downright strange families that have lived in the White House for 221 years, Presidents, First Ladies and their frequently misbehaving children!

Entertaining at the White House from dress swords to gate crashers!
The most exciting parties in the world happen in America's House and I've got all the stories about how they work and who was there, movie stars to royalty everyone wants an invitation!

A Walk Through the White House!
Melinda's private VIP tour, the same tour she gave to personal guests of the President. How did the White House come to be built and by whom, how has it changed over the years? The intimate and often funny history of the world's most famous House.

The West Wing and Oval Office!
Grab your special pass and take a walk into the world's most secure office space, the private office of the President of the United States!

Air Force One!
Think flying first class is cool? You don't know "cool" until you've traveled on the President's plane, and there are two new ones in the works - you won't believe what they will be like!

Founding Mothers, the Revolutionaries!
There would not BE a United States without the passion and work of women, some of whom you may know but others who we never learn about in history class, and that's a shame. Extraordinary, exceptional, brave and brilliant women to whom we owe a great debt.

How to Talk to An Emperor!
Simple strategies for putting yourself and others at ease in any social situation!

I also do great Q and A sessions - and there are always questions!
I have been a featured speaker on countless Celebrity Cruises ships for over 13 years and on Viking Ocean Cruises for 4 years.. I routinely bring 700 people to the theater and always receive brilliant reviews from guests as "the best speaker we ever heard," and "fascinating and so enjoyable both as a speaker and when with the guests!" and from a Cruise Director, "a consummate professional and joy to work with." My talks feature our common history that everyone can celebrate, bringing guests in by informing, engaging and entertaining them with surprising stories of the world's most famous House!
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