Enrichment Requirement

Cruise Itinerary
Sapphire Princess
Mediterranean & Southeast Asia
CRUISE ITINERARY - H830 Mediterranean & Southeast Asia
Embarkation: Civitavecchia (for Rome)  Italy Date:   Wednesday, October 31, 2018
Disembarkation: Singapore   Date:   Wednesday, November 28, 2018
No of Nights: 28

Cruise Cost: 50 per day for Lecturer. Guest cruises free. 18 Power Point presentations required. You receive:

1. Twin share outside cabin.

2. Return airfare for the speaker paid by Princess. Travel for your guest is by their own arrangement.

3. Full passenger status for speaker and guest.

4. Discounts on drinks, misc. items and WiFi.

5. Discretionary gratuities. (Passengers are billed daily at USD $14 per passenger)

6. Possibility of complimentary tour escort opportunities.

You must have considerable experience and sufficient talks to apply.
Day 1 EMBARK   Civitavecchia (for Rome)  Italy
Day 2    Naples  Italy
Day 3    At sea  
Day 4    Valletta  Malta
Day 5    At sea  
Day 6    Piraeus (Athens)  Greece
Day 7    Rhodes Town, Rhodes  Greece
Day 8    Cruise Suez Canal  
Day 9    Cruise Suez Canal  
Day 10    At sea  
Day 11    Aqaba (for Petra)  Jordan
Day 12    At sea  
Day 13    At sea  
Day 14    At sea  
Day 15    At sea  
Day 16    At sea  
Day 17    At sea  
Day 18    Dubai  UAE
Day 19    At sea  
Day 20    At sea  
Day 21    At sea  
Day 22    Cochin  India
Day 23    At sea  
Day 24    Colombo  Sri Lanka
Day 25    At sea  
Day 26    At sea  
Day 27    At sea  
Day 28    Kuala Lumpur (from Port Klang)  Malaysia
Day 29 DISEMBARK   Singapore  
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