Cruise Ship Speakers

Performance Poetry & Storytelling
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Steve Harvey
Adventurer and Poet
Coming from: Edinburgh,  Scotland  UK
Steve’s been an English teacher, youth worker, police officer, volunteer teacher in Iraq, lecturer in Modern Poetry at Suleimaniyah University, and Safety & Security Officer for an NGO in South Sudan. He's run creative writing courses in Normandy and had poems published in the UK, Ireland, France and Iraq, and his memoirs, Between Dreams: Difficult Paths & Dangerous Places, were launched in November 2016. The Irish writer, Eoin Colfer, called it, 'A memoir that reads like a swashbuckling novel', and of Steve's poems Scottish poet, Liz Lochhead, said that some 'will break your heart... some will make you laugh out loud.'

Judy Karbritz
Humorous Trivia and Fascinating Facts
Coming from: Edgware,  Middlesex  UK
Judy is a humorous and entertaining speaker on a wide variety of subjects ranging from the lives of famous writers and poets, the truth behind Hollywood westerns and to what life was really like as a pirate. She brings great enthusiasm to her talks using her experience in film, TV and radio broadcasting as well as fringe theatre and her numerous personal performances. Judy writes and performs her own poetry, mostly comical, on subjects that passengers can relate to.

Peter Newsham
Cultural Geography
BA, MA, FRGS (Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society)
Coming from: Croydon,  Surrey  UK
Peter’s teaching career in Sub-Saharan Africa and London, as Head of Humanities, and Lecturer at King’s College London was punctuated by educational journeys, and travels with family and friends. In addition to travel writing and journalism, he is the author of ‘Occidental Odyssey’, and, with Dr Claudine Fournié, ‘Kissing Candles; Venetian Loves’, a romantic mystery based on truth. His lectures combine accessibility, scholarship and humour about the personalities who populate history. Peter also offers Poetry Interludes; from the amusing to the sublime, from Seduction to Romance.

Mark Niel
Performance Poet & Writer
Coming from: Milton Keynes,    UK
Mark is a performance poet, writer and performer and holds the title of the first official Poet Laureate of Milton Keynes. He believes that poetry can be entertainment as well as art and his accessible style has seem him established as a festival favourite and he regularly appears on BBC radio. Starting out as an enjoyable hobby, Mark has become a full-time poet after winning many Poetry "Slams" and appearances at leading poetry and literature festivals. He believes in taking poetry to the people and has performed in schools, libraries, football stadiums, conferences, comedy clubs and on cruise ships.