Cruise Ship Speakers

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Alex Leger
Television Producer, Director and Cameraman
Coming from: Exeter,  Devon  UK
Alex Leger has had an extraordinary life. Over the last 60 years the BBC’s world-famous and award-winning ‘Blue Peter’ programme has been entertaining and exciting children and adults alike. For 36 years Alex has been at the heart of the action as the show’s most prolific film maker. His book, Blue Peter: Behind the Badge is a compelling, and sometimes scary, account of the hits, misses and near-death experiences of a life on the road. He is a great raconteur and his talks are lavishly illustrated with film and video clips and enriched with many behind the scenes anecdotes.

Paulette Mitchell
Cookbook Author & Enrichment Speaker
Coming from: Minneapolis,  Minnesota  USA
Paulette Mitchell, the internationally-known author of 13 cookbooks, presents lectures featuring her photos from 130 countries. She explores off-the-beaten paths capturing destinations’ intrinsic allure in the elements of cultures and cuisines. She advises guests on insightful photo composition. Among her favorite subjects are the enigmatic faces of people. Paulette’s lectures offer firsthand advice on seeing the world as a traveler rather than as a tourist. She can also provide destination-specific Signature Menus, cooking demonstrations, and classes featuring cuisines of the ports.

Bernie Raffe
Associate level with the MPA and SWPP
Coming from: Leighton Buzzard,  Bedfordshire  UK
Bernie is an award winning portrait and (ex) wedding photographer, his entertaining and informative talks show guests how they can take more creative and dramatic photos, even with their smartphones. Photography is an art, and Bernie's talent lies in being able to educate and inspire without overloading the audience with too much technical jargon. He has a wonderful knack for explaining the subject in an entertaining and understandable way. Bernie has in excess of 30,000 (paid!) subscribers to his photography courses, and was voted by students as a top 10 instructor in 2014.