Cruise Ship Speakers

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Stuart Andrews
Travel, Transport & Social Historian
Coming from: Bristol,  Somerset  UK
Stuart spent a happy childhood in the English county of Norfolk where his father ran a retail business. From an early age he was fascinated by machines that move and was an avid reader of transport history as well as up to date news on the very latest developments in cars, trains, ships and aircraft. Stuart specialized in a transport career. His series of talks provide an insight into all aspects of travel and transport.

Dan Benedict
Astronomer & Astronomical Historian
Journalist, Educator, FRAS
Coming from: Dayton,  TN  USA
Astronomy journalist and educator Dan Benedict's interest in astronomy began at an early age and he is an avid practitioner of naked-eye astronomy, observing those celestial objects and phenomena that can be easily seen by the casual stargazer with the unaided eye. Selected as a participating journalist for a 1998 total solar eclipse cruise, Dan developed a particular interest in astronomy in the unique environment found aboard cruise ships, which he has been sharing with passengers ever since. An avid member of the Travelers' Century Club, he has sailed to more than 150 countries.

Karin Bucannan
Art Enrichment Speaker & Craft Instructor
Architecture, Sculptures, Urban art, Textiles.
Coming from: East Malling,  Kent  UK
Karin is a Guest Speaker and free-lance artist specialising in embroidery and ceramic sculpture. She taught Art, Fashion & Textiles up to A‘level for 30 years. During her teaching career she organised and led art trips to European cities for as many as 40 students and staff, and has since travelled to many destinations worldwide photographing a host of urban sculptures, historic and contemporary architecture, cultural textiles and street furniture like decorative fountains for her presentations and talks.

David Burgess
Destination Lecturer
Coming from: Liverpool,  Merseyside  UK
David is a well-respected and experienced destination speaker who delivers his presentations in an entertaining, enjoyable, humorous and unique style. David’s presentations draw on his many years of foreign travel as well as his college lecturing skills mixed in with more than a dash of his naive Liverpool humour that make his series of on board lectures a 'must see'.

Dr Ann Burgess
Naturalist, Ornithology, Astronomy and Destination Speaker
Coming from: Parksville,  British Columbia  Canada
Dr Ann Carroll Burgess is an award-winning writer, photographer, and lecturer who has had a varied and distinguished career in several disciplines. After graduation, she was hired by the Museum of Science in Boston as a planetarium lecturer, the youngest and only the second woman to hold that position at that time. Fifteen years ago Ann took up the challenge of lecturing at sea, sharing her passion for nature and astronomy as an enrichment lecturer. She continues to write and her Deck Chair Naturalist website is devoted to how you can to best observe nature from a ship.

Edward Butler
History, Genealogy, Law & Travel
Award winning author of history/genealogy/family history books
Coming from: San Antonio,  Bexar, Texas  USA
Judge Ed Butler was a Ford Foundation Scholar at Vanderbilt University School of Law, where he graduated with honors. For many years he was a Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney by both the Texas and National Boards. He is a retired federal judge; retired Naval Intelligence Commander; & former law school professor. His honors include the DAR Medal of Honor, SAR Gold Good Citizenship Medal, and he was selected to the Texas Genealogical Hall of Fame. He's listed in Who's Who in America & Who's Who in the World. He is a world traveler who has visited over 200 countries.

Pauline Chakmakjian
Japanese Art, History & Culture
Visit Kyoto Ambassador
Coming from: Los Angeles,  California  USA
Pauline Chakmakjian is an independent lecturer on a variety of subjects related to the areas of entrepreneurship, history, fine art, culture and Japan. She holds a BA in English Literature (USA), a Diploma in Law (London), an MA in Modern French Studies (London) and is a member of the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple. Pauline was elected onto the Board of the Japan Society of the United Kingdom from 2008-2014 and the Japan Society of Hawaii from 2015-2017. In 2014, Pauline was appointed a Visit Kyoto Ambassador by the Mayor of the City of Kyoto.

Jim Clement
Destination Lecturer & Maritime Historian
Baltic, Mediterranean. Asia, Caribbean,Latin America, Panama, Norway,
Coming from: Largo,  Florida  USA
Jim is a retired USA Diplomat who lived in 13 countries and has given Destination/Maritime History Lectures on more than 120 cruises in Europe, Asia, S. America. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy (BSc) and University of Chicago (MBA). He was a US Navy Submarine Officer, VP International for Fortune 500 companies. He was a University Professor for History, Geography, Logistics, and International Marketing. Having lived and worked in Panama and transited the Panama Canal 30 times and Suez Canal 4 times, Jim can give the ship's bridge commentary about the history of the Canal in English or Spanish. He has also narrated bridge commentary about Glaciers in Chile and Norway.

Professor Ian Cooper
Travel Writing & Cultural Conversation
Travel & Cruise Writing / Art of Conversation & Influence
Coming from: Borehamwood,,  Hertfordshire  UK
Professor Ian Cooper is an internationally published author of 16 books in 56 countries, and an established travel writer who writes for national; regional and specialist media including ‘World of Cruising Magazine’. Over many years, Ian has had over 1000 professional speaking and training engagements on his specialist subjects of The Art of Conversation; Influencing People; Communications and Business Success. His light, entertaining and down to earth style has made him a very popular speaker, wherever he appears including on cruise ships.

Judith Cranswick
Crime Writer, Tutor & Destination Speaker
Coming from: Swindon,  -  UK
Judith has two great passions – writing and travel. She has travelled extensively throughout Europe, China, Indochina and Japan, Asia, India, Africa and Central and South America. Judith is an award-winning novelist and author of the Fiona Mason Mysteries and several stand-alone psychological thrillers. Travel has always been the inspiration for Judith’s novels. Judith is an experienced speaker and in addition to writing her novels, she now works part time teaching Tai Chi and cruise ship lecturing.

William Crowley
Geography, History & Wine
Coming from: Santa Rosa,  California  USA
Dr William Crowley obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Oregon, spending his teaching and research career at Sonoma State University. He is now Professor Emeritus, having retired in 2007. William taught classes in Urban Geography, Cultural Geography, Latin America, Field Experience in Baja California, Wine Geography, and History of Geographic Thought. William has spent time in all the countries of Latin America and is fluent in Spanish. Since retirement he has been both a destination speaker and special interest speaker for several cruise lines.

Dr. Mary Jane Cryan
European History, Culture & Art
Italy specialist
Coming from: Vetralla,  VT  Italy
American-Irish writer and historian Mary Jane Cryan has been living in Italy since 1965. An international educator, researcher and writer, she has also been an official Vatican guide, Site Director and lecturer for Elderhostel and the creator of start-ups for numerous American universities, high schools, writers’ and artists’ workshops. She continues to put her experience to good use acting as consultant for tourism and educational endeavours and as enrichment lecturer aboard luxury cruise ships plying the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Black Seas.

Mike Curtis
Maritime, Naval & World History
Life in a Submarine
Coming from: Havant,  Hampshire  UK
Mike is an ex Royal Navy Officer who served for 22 years in both the surface and sub-surface Fleet. Mike joined from school as an Electrical Engineer Artificer Apprentice eventually specialising in Sonar and Gunnery systems. Following the Navy, Mike carried on his career in the Commercial World of manufacturing and Defence Research. He provides Guest Speaker services to the cruise industry and other interested shore based groups talking about all aspects of;submarines, maritime history, and geographical history of the planets oceans and surrounding countries.

Robert Cutts
American and Maritime History
BSc (Eng) London Univ, former CEng, Member SW Maritime Hist Socy
Coming from: Downend,  Bristol,  UK
Robert worked in industry as a control engineer for 20 years before becoming an engineering lecturer. In 1987 he became an IT consultant and worked in computer-orientated fields before finally retiring in 2004. After taking numerous cruises, in 2007, Robert became a Saga Ambassador giving talks about Saga holidays to Women’s Institutes and the like. This led him to start giving talks on maritime subjects mainly draw from the Journal that his great-grandfather, Henry Taylor, kept during his voyages to the west coast of the north and south of America in 1862.

Ricky Deutsch
Adventure Traveler and Author
Coming from: San Jose,  California  USA
An avid outdoor adventurer, Rick Deutsch has explored the seven continents from Antarctica to Egypt. His talks present the geology, history, and culture of prominent “bucket list” places. He covers popular destinations, such as Venice, Barcelona and Galapagos, but also gives presentations on unusual but fascinating topics to round out his offerings. Rarely touched by other special interest speakers are his lectures on UFO’s, The Space Age, and the History of the World. As member of the National Speakers Association, he regularly gives presentations to organizations, museums, associations, and companies.

Dr. Peter Durrans
Historian (General, Exploration & Travel)
BA, MA, DPhil
Coming from: Tyne and Wear,  Sunderland  UK
Dr Peter Durrans was educated at the universities of Hull (BA), Carleton, Ottawa (MA) and Oxford (DPhil). A professional historian he has been a university lecturer in the UK, Canada and the United States and was a history adviser to the UK's Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA). His last appointment was as Associate Dean at the University of Sunderland. Peter now lectures regularly on cruise ships. His aim is to both inform and entertain and he has been described in cruise reports as 'a great speaker and orator'. His specialist interests include empire, exploration and travel.

Captain Paul Eschenfelder
Destination Expert
Coming from: Spring,  Texas  USA
Captain Paul Eschenfelder has been blessed to wear two hats. For almost forty years he has not only flown over the Seven Seas from Osaka to Amsterdam but sailed them as well, from Alaska to Zanzibar. He has bargained with the Masai in Africa, stumbled across antiquities in Greece and Ireland and benefited from the spirit of ohana in Hawaii. Whether living in Asia or America his home has been his suitcase and his world has two sunrises every 36 hours. He regularly lectures on cruise lines around the world, and is a guest lecturer at the University of Texas and a course developer and adjunct professor at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

Michael Eyley
Spanish Teacher/Spanish History & Culture speaker
Jewellery, Watches and Gemstone Expert B.S. Dip. M.I.L.A.M.
Coming from: Sheringham,  Norfolk  UK
Mike was born in Bedford, England, but at an early age his parents moved to Spain. He returned to the UK as a bi-lingual 9 year old to complete his formal education. He went on to study Business and Marketing at Sheffield University and followed a career in the leisure industry. At the age of 45 he decided to follow his passion for watches and jewellery, initially as a watch and jewellery dealer and later setting up his own Auction House. Mike presents a series of talks on jewellery, watches and gemstones as well as the opportunity to run workshops to appraise and value jewellery.

Kathy Fawcett-Stearne
Landscape History & Ecology
Ph.D B.Sc. C Env.
Coming from: Melksham,  Wiltshire  UK
Kathy gained a Doctorate in Agricultural History & Ecological Management, from Imperial College London, in 2004. She has many year’s experience both as a civil servant and in private consultancy, organising lectures, activity workshops and study trips in England. Kathy is a member of the Speakers Club of Great Britain and is also an experienced destination lecturer. She has a passion for travel, meeting new people and seeing new places. Kathy has a range of Presentations on; Destinations, British traditions, and the countryside, which can be tailored to destinations or seasons as required.

Mark Fitzpatrick
World Affairs
Coming from: Washington,  DC  USA
Mark Fitzpatrick is a former senior US diplomat who now heads the North American office of one of the world’s premier think tanks. A leading expert on nuclear issues who lectures widely at international conferences, he is a frequent guest on BBC, NPR, CNN and other media outlets, particularly on current issues regarding North Korea, Iran and Pakistan. He is the author or co-author of nine books relating to nuclear dangers.

Professor Michael Fuller
Destination and Enrichment Lecturer
Coming from: St. Louis,  Missouri MO  USA
Professor Michael Fuller is an expert in the archaeological discoveries of both the Old World and New World. He has directed large excavation projects in Syria and the Republic of Macedonia, plus served as a staff member on digs in Greece, Egypt, Jordan, England and the USA. He received a PhD degree in Anthropology in 1986 and taught archaeology to thousands of students over a career of 40 years. Michael is an active field archaeologist, writer, lecturer and cruise ship speaker.

Andrew Gagg
Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society
Coming from: Worcester,  Worcestershire  UK
Andrew is a traveller lifelong. His talks feature his journeys to many different parts of the world, especially the East. With skills acquired during his long career at the BBC, his highly sophisticated PowerPoint presentations are illustrated with his own award-winning images. (His pictures and sequences continue to gain National and International recognition year on year.) Combined with graphics, music, sound and effects, they create lively and entertaining talks on a wide variety of travel-related subjects – stories with broad and popular appeal.

Ron Gatepain
Architectural Historian
Coming from: Lincoln,  Lincolnshire  UK
Ron is an Architectural Historian, a Chartered Surveyor, Chartered Builder, Chartered Building Engineer and a Corporate Building Surveyor. Having obtained 3 degrees he has worked in Construction, Property and Training and has been a visiting lecturer for a number of universities and colleges. Ron has written a number of books and is a Publishing Partner with the Encyclopaedia Britannica and contributes on Historic Sites & Buildings. Ron has travelled extensively in pursuit of his interest in history, particularly with regard to buildings, their construction and the influence they have had on civilisation and regularly gives talks on this as a guest speaker on cruise ships worldwide.

Dr Mike Gibson
Music & Destinations
Coming from: Southampton,  Hants  UK
An RAF medical air commodore, CEO of an occupational health company & a member of the Tribunal service, Mike was Honorary Surgeon to HM the Queen for 5 years. He has published widely with passions including history, bagpipes and travel.

Patrick Goodness
Cultural Anthropology-Global Religion & Mythology
Coming from: Escazu,  San Jose  Costa Rica
Patrick Goodness is a globally recognized thought leader in the study of ancient cultural mythologies, and brings a profound knowledge of global cultures with an engaging approach to storytelling. Patrick has traveled and lectured in more than 110 countries around the world, studying and teaching global culture. Patrick lectures frequently at universities and global conferences and is a popular enrichment speaker among discerning cruise lines. His lectures are peppered with valuable research, thoughtful observations, powerful analogies and dry comedic wit that always bring smiles.

Richard Grainger
Destination Lecturer
Scandinavia and Caribbean Specialist
Coming from: St. Lawrence,  Jersey  UK
Richard qualified in medicine at the University of Leeds. After the usual "doctor" experiences he decided to see a little of the World and spent time working in the developing world, spending three years on St Helena Island, in the South Atlantic, where Napoleon spent his last years in exile. He finally retired from the post of Medical Officer of Health for Jersey and has been serving as a Port and Destination Lecturer since 2007.

James Grant-Peterkin
Islands of the Pacific Ocean
MA Cambridge University
Coming from: Hanga Roa,  Easter Island  Chile
James was born in Inverness, Scotland and fulfilled a childhood dream when he first set foot in the South Pacific in 1996. He went on to read Modern languages at Cambridge University, writing his finals dissertation about the linguistic situation on Easter Island, and later specialising in Polynesian languages. He came back to live on Easter Island after completing university, and has been leading archaeological tours of the island for over 15 years. James has been the British Honorary Consul on Easter Island since 2009, and living in Polynesia has given him a unique insight into these exotic islands.

Martyn Green
Destination History, Culture & Travel
Fellow Institute Sales & Marketing Management [1992]
Coming from: Skipton,  North Yorkshire  UK
Fifty years of travel has taken Martyn to over 130 countries. As a retired member of the International Press Association he has been giving enhancement lectures on cruise ships for 17 years. These can be a Destination Lecture, or, more popularly, a mix of History, Arts, Science and Cuisine. These are highly visual experiences with between 120-150 photographs of the country & city being visited. Martyn has lectured on all seven continents, on over 50 cruise ships, some over a dozen times, always carrying several general topic lectures for those long multiple sea-days.

Stuart Gustafson
Destinations; Classical Music Composers
Coming from: Boise,  Idaho  USA
Stuart Gustafson took early retirement from his high-technology career so that he could spend more time with his family. He's been sharing his knowledge and his experiences with cruise ship passengers since 2012, and the rave reviews he's received from guests and staff have continued to encourage him. His formal education of a B.A. in Mathematics and an MBA surprise some guests who think he was a history professor. It's just that his keen interest in helping passengers enjoy their cruise has enabled him to develop interesting talks on Destinations, the specific Ports, a few general Travel subjects, and even Classical Music Composers.

Dr Robin Hanbury-Tenison OBE
Coming from: Bodmin,  Cornwall  UK
Robin Hanbury-Tenison OBE, is an explorer with a conscience. He has spent much of his life travelling in the world's rainforests and deserts and campaigning to protect both them and their people. One of the few remaining explorers who merits the name, he was recently named by the Spectator as the doyen of British explorers and, in 1982, by The Sunday Times as 'the greatest explorer in the last 20 years' and as one of the '1000 makers of the 20th century'. Robin's engaging presentation style ensures audiences leave feeling enchanted by his experiences yet educated about his life's work and how we can all do our bit.

Steve Harvey
Adventurer and Poet
Coming from: Edinburgh,  Scotland  UK
Steve’s been an English teacher, youth worker, police officer, volunteer teacher in Iraq, lecturer in Modern Poetry at Suleimaniyah University, and Safety & Security Officer for an NGO in South Sudan. He's run creative writing courses in Normandy and had poems published in the UK, Ireland, France and Iraq, and his memoirs, Between Dreams: Difficult Paths & Dangerous Places, were launched in November 2016. The Irish writer, Eoin Colfer, called it, 'A memoir that reads like a swashbuckling novel', and of Steve's poems Scottish poet, Liz Lochhead, said that some 'will break your heart... some will make you laugh out loud.'

Graham Hawkins
Historian & Traveller
Coming from: Totnes,  Devon  UK
Graham is a graduate of the Universities of Exeter and Bath. For 40 years he pursued a career as a professional educationist, senior manager and consultant in the UK and Middle East. He has always been an enthusiastic traveller, visiting 65 countries. In 1996 Graham founded British Studio Arts to export studio ceramics and paintings to Kuwait where he held 22 exhibitions and ran 3 British Art Festivals in partnership with the British Embassy. During this time he developed an interest in modern Arab art. Graham's talks cover a range of Middle East and Indian historical subjects.

Peter Hipkin
Destination Lecturer
The Travel Industry
Coming from: Sutton Coldfield,  West Midlands  UK
Since early childhood in Norfolk, Peter has been an avid explorer. He joined British Rail, and over the next 25 years visited every rail linked point in Europe as well as a range of the, then less accessible, parts of Eastern Europe and Asia. Since retirement, Peter decided to use his ‘gift of the gab’, as a destination and port lecturer to help cruise passengers get the very best out of their ports of call. Over the years he has collected thousands of pictures, anecdotes and helpful hints on all the regularly visited ports.

Dr Sherry Hutt
Destinations - History and Culture
Art, Architecture & Economics
Coming from: Delray Beach,  Florida  USA
Dr. Sherry has been honored for heritage preservation and protection through teaching in law, museum and public lands management, co-authoring texts, as editor of the Yearbook of Cultural Property Law and publishing journal articles, prior to Cruise through History storybooks. She was a judge, attorney, museum trustee and head of the U.S. program for cultural heritage repatriation in the Department of the Interior. Her degrees are in Speech and Theater, Law and Forestry Economics. A world traveler, she now delights in presenting port destinations to cruise travelers.

Huw Jenkins
Natural Historian & Destination Lecturer
Coming from: Blaenau Ffestiniog,  Gwynedd  UK
Huw Jenkins graduated in law before joining a computer company and spent 25 years working in the IT industry living in Malawi, Russia, Croatia, Czech Republic and UK. In 2004 Huw and his wife Sue moved to Snowdonia where they run a self-catering holiday business. He is an experienced and enthusiastic presenter able to construct and tell a story in an engaging manner. After many years of living overseas he is quick to assimilate key aspects about new destinations and convey the important things you won’t discover in guide books.

Professor Bel Kambach
Destinations & Enrichment
Scandinavia / Caribbean / Mediterranean & Wildlife
Coming from: St. Cloud,  Minnesota  USA
Professor Bel Kambach spent seven winters in Suomi-Finland and considers herself a Dominican-American-Finn at heart. She is connected to Finland by friendship ties, curiosity and an overwhelming love of the place. Finland is her favorite place to live. Born and raised in the Caribbean, she developed an early love for the ocean while growing up near the seashore and exploring Caribbean beaches. Her addiction to adventure and love of animals inspired her to always seek, lecture and write about wildlife destinations.

Ken Kelly
US Manned Space Programme: Mercury - Gemini - Apollo
Coming from: Leamington Spa,  Warwickshire  UK
Ken started his working life as a teacher and lecturer and taught Mathematics in the UK and Malaysia. Returning to the UK Ken swapped teaching for High Performance Sport. Awarded an Olympic Coach Scholarship in 1992, he has worked for a number of the UK’s leading sports bodies. As a counter-point to his professional work, Ken has studied the US and Soviet manned space programmes extensively, from Mercury to the Space Shuttle, Vostok to Soyuz. Ken is an experienced, innovative and engaging presenter having spoken extensively at conferences in the UK and abroad.

Derrick Kemp
Cruising World Wide
Master Mariner
Coming from: Liverpool,  Merseyside  UK
Captain Derrick Kemp began his sea career at the South African Training Ship “General Botha“, Gordon’s Bay, Cape Town. During his 52 years seafaring career he has served aboard a variety of Cargo Passenger, Refrigerated, Heavy Lift and Container ships. Captain Kemp has also been in command of the following passenger vessels - Expedition Ship “Caledonian Star“, “Saga Rose”, “R1“ and “R4” for Renaissance Cruises and the “mv Discovery”. He has travelled the world and sailed the Seven Seas and more. His knowledge of Cruising to be admired.

Mike Laird
Travel Photographer, Cameraman & Videographer
Coming from: Edinburgh,  Midlothian  UK
Mike was born and brought up in Scotland then moved to London to read Accountancy. He continued to live in the SE of England for over 20 years working in Risk Management before returning to Scotland. In 1999 he was selected to be a participant in the BBC1 reality TV series 'Castaway 2000'  filmed on the Hebridean island of Taransay. He has travelled to more than 75 countries often as an expedition leader. His adventures have included walking to the Magnetic North Pole and cycling solo across Australia.

Clive Leatherdale
International History and Geo-Politics
Coming from: Southend-on-Sea,  Essex  UK
Clive Leatherdale is an author, editor, publisher and lecturer. He has been a cruise-ship lecturer, for various cruise-lines, since 2013. He specialises in international history and geo-politics. His preferred destinations are worldwide. Clive is the author of more than a dozen books.

Christopher Legrand
Destination Lecturer & Presenter
Coming from: West Moors,  Dorset  UK
Christopher acknowledges that he has been very fortunate in having had opportunities to travel as he enjoys photography and researching and in particularly he loves to share his experiences with others. Through his series of fully illustrated talks, which are professionally constructed and include music and animations, he invites you to sample the history, culture, personalities and scenery of those exciting parts of the world he has visited. He has delivered lectures and presentations for many years, is an accomplished speaker, currently giving around 50 talks a year, and has been a destination presenter on various cruise ships.

Dr Wendy London
Destination Speaker - New Zealand
Coming from: Hawera,  Taranaki  NZ
Wendy is a leading cruise tourism sector specialist. She has a Masters in Tourism and PostGradDiploma (Distinction) in Tourism from Otago University (Dunedin, NZ). Wendy also has a JD (Seton Hall), Masters (Columbia) and an AB Franklin & Marshall College (Pennsylvania). Before starting her career in tourism, Wendy was a lawyer specialising in IT law, and was also the IT Director for a City of London law firm. She has lived in New Zealand since 1994. An avid cruiser (including Antarctica and the Arctic), Wendy’s favourite cruise itinerary is New Zealand. Wendy loves to share her passion for New Zealand with her fellow cruise passengers.

George Losey
Zoology & Marine Biology
Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand
Coming from: Kaneohe,  Hawaii  USA
Professor George Losey received his Ph.D. in 1968 from Scripps Institution of Oceanography working on reef fishes of the E. Pacific. His studies introduced him to Ethology, a European discipline comprising study of the natural behavior of animals and their social interactions. Dr. Losey started cruise ship lecturing in 1996 on the QE 2 and has since lectured on various ships with topics in oceanography and climate change, coral reefs, marine biology, Hawaiian natural history, Hawaiian legends and “nature vs. nurture” of human and animal behavior. George is always happy to sit and enjoy a relaxing conversation.

Professor Ed Lynch
International Relations & Foreign Policy
Coming from: Roanoke,  Virginia  USA
Dr. Ed Lynch is Chair of Political Science at Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia. He is a recognized expert on foreign affairs, international relations and diplomacy, especially that of the Mediterranean world. He has sailed with several cruise lines as an expert speaker, traveling to South America, the Caribbean, Australia, Europe, Southeast Asia, India and the Middle East. Ed is a frequent commentator on political affairs for television, radio and newspapers. His travel adventures include visiting 20 countries in one year, experiencing a minor earthquake in Guatemala, and nearly getting killed in Ecuador, protecting a fellow traveller.

Patricia Mercier
Central & South American Cultures Expert
Ancient Civilizations and traditions of the Americas and Mediterranean
Coming from: Alozaina,  Malaga  Spain
Patricia Mercier, author, traveler and researcher specializes in Ancient Civilizations and traditions. She is an acknowledged authority on the Ancient Mayan civilization. She is an experienced enhancement lecturer having presented on many cruises. For cruises around the Americas, she delves into mysteries and fascinating stories which help passengers understand more of what they see on shore excursions. In Mediterranean regions, she presents fascinating insights into early cultures within, Turkey, Egypt, Spain & Tenerife.

Paulette Mitchell
Cookbook Author & Enrichment Speaker
Coming from: Minneapolis,  Minnesota  USA
Paulette Mitchell, the internationally-known author of 13 cookbooks, presents lectures featuring her photos from 130 countries. She explores off-the-beaten paths capturing destinations’ intrinsic allure in the elements of cultures and cuisines. She advises guests on insightful photo composition. Among her favorite subjects are the enigmatic faces of people. Paulette’s lectures offer firsthand advice on seeing the world as a traveler rather than as a tourist. She can also provide destination-specific Signature Menus, cooking demonstrations, and classes featuring cuisines of the ports.

Rose Monk
Social Historian
Coming from: Dudley,  West Midlands  UK
Rose had been a guest speaker in schools, colleges, retirement villages and business groups for 15 years and for the last 4 years on small cruise ships, originally presenting her award winning documentary about Busby babe Duncan Edwards who tragically lost his life as a result of the 1958 Munich air crash, resulting in Rose winning Woman producer of the year. With a catalogue of over 50 lectures, each presented in a creative, informative and engaging manner, Rose will enhance any cruise. Rose also has travel and destination lectures relating to her many years travelling the globe.

Sandra Mowry
Author, Historian, & Nutritionist
Destination History
Coming from: Collegeville,  Pennsylvania  USA
Sandra is an author, historian, and nutritionist. Beginning as an undergraduate history major, she continued a life-long learning process with continuing education courses, independent studies and travel. She received a Master’s degree in English, as well as naturalist training, and also certification in nutrition from the University of Pennsylvania. Sandra presents a varied range of subjects including ancient civilizations, artifacts and architecture. She has successfully presented on over 100 cruises on numerous cruise lines.

Peter Newsham
Cultural Geography
BA, MA, FRGS (Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society)
Coming from: Croydon,  Surrey  UK
Peter’s teaching career in Sub-Saharan Africa and London, as Head of Humanities, and Lecturer at King’s College London was punctuated by educational journeys, and travels with family and friends. In addition to travel writing and journalism, he is the author of ‘Occidental Odyssey’, and, with Dr Claudine Fournié, ‘Kissing Candles; Venetian Loves’, a romantic mystery based on truth. His lectures combine accessibility, scholarship and humour about the personalities who populate history. Peter also offers Poetry Interludes; from the amusing to the sublime, from Seduction to Romance.

John Nixon
Scandinavian & Baltic Countries
B.Sc (Econ), M.Sc, MBA
Coming from: Pershore,  Worcestershire  UK
John Nixon holds degrees in economics and business planning. As a result of his extensive range of work in the Far East and Scandinavia especially in China, he was recently presented with the highly prestigious Dunhuang Award. He offers talks on current developments in Norway and neighbouring countries set against the background of their recent history, social structures and economies. His presentations are superbly illuminated and compliment all voyages in the northern hemisphere. These talks go together with port talks very well indeed.

Dan Ostler
Enrichment Speaker - Destinations
Coming from: Kemble,  Ontario  Canada
Dan Ostler graduated in Biophysics from the University of Waterloo and pursued a career in medical radiation physics. Working in the areas of forefront research and product design, Dan travelled internationally staging leading-edge seminars focusing on the implications of the latest medical imaging advances. Now in retirement Dan is a perennial shipboard favorite, presenting entertaining informative lectures on cruises all over the world. His dynamic presentations weave the charms of the destinations with the applicable science, history and anthropology.

Lady Susette Palmer
Ancient Civilisations & Medieval History
Coming from: London,    UK
Lady Susette Palmer has always been fascinated with traveller’s tales and ancient history. She has lectured on two seasons of Voyages to Antiquity and has just finished a very successful cruise on Fred Olsen. She also lectures to various societies in her home Borough of Barnet. Susette prides herself in making her talks relevant to, and individually tailored for the particular cruise. Her accompanying partner, Lord Monroe Palmer is also an accomplished speaker on the Houses of Parliament.

Geoff Peters
Maritime Explorers and Adventurers
Coming from: Sunshine Coast,  Queensland  Australia
Edu-tainment is the best way to describe Geoff’s speaking style, providing educational, entertaining and authoritative presentations whilst also injecting humour and personal experiences documenting his time at sea. Recently retired, Geoff and his wife Leanne have purchased a boat in the UK, cruised across the English Channel and now spend much of each year cruising the rivers, canals, and coastlines of Europe, creating their own adventures.

Bill Powell
Travel & Music
South East Asia, the USA and contemporary music.
Coming from: Chester,  Cheshire  UK
Bill was an accountant with BT and joined Marks and Spencer to head their Customer Services Division. He subsequently became Chairman of the Consumer Credit Trade Association. He took early retirement and embarked on a completely different career path as a Tour Manager, escorting groups of travellers to worldwide destinations. He specialises in the USA, Borneo and China. Bill's talks largely reflect his experiences during his ten years as a Tour Manager, mixing personal high (and low!) lights with amusing anecdotes about his journeys around the world.

Dave Roberts
Anthropologist & Historian
Central & South American History
Coming from: La Mesa,  California  USA
Dr. Dave Roberts holds a BA in anthropology/cognitive science from Southern Illinois University and a doctorate from United States International University. He worked in the field of applied anthropology for over 35 years, and his area of expertise included Central and South America. Since retirement in 2010, Dr. Roberts has worked as a docent, photographer, and curator at several museums in the San Diego area designing new exhibits, giving tours of the museum, and functioning as the museum’s event and curatorial photographer. He regularly speaks on cruise ship, on various topics including anthropology, and local and global historical events.

Terri Robinson
Photography &Travel
Coming from: Fareham,  Hampshire  UK
After a long career working for the RN Terri finished her time with a post that included giving presentations on computer security to naval ships and establishments. It was during this time that she received her training in public speaking. An enthusiastic traveller and photographer for many years she soon realised after retiring that there was a wide demand for speakers so started to develop a repertoire of travelogues using her many personal experiences and the vast number of photos taken over the years.

Dr Joyce Salisbury
History, Religious History & Art History
Coming from: Kissimmee,  Florida  USA
Dr.Joyce Salisbury, Professor Emerita from the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay, has a PhD in Medieval History from Rutgers University in New Jersey. She is an author of more than ten books and is also a lecturer for “Great Courses,” that produces educational DVDs. Her course “History of Spain: Land on a Crossroad” is a current best-seller. Salisbury was an award-winning teacher for over 25 years. She has done many radio shows and television interviews on her academic subjects, and since retiring in 2005, she has been teaching and lecturing on religion and medieval history while circumnavigating the globe.

Corey Sandler
Destination Lecturer & Special Interest Lecturer
Bestselling author, wire service correspondent, photographer
Coming from: Nantucket,  MA  USA
Corey Sandler has been a storyteller all his life. Beginning as a reporter for a small-town daily paper, he covered two national Presidential campaigns and become a correspondent for The Associated Press. He has written more than 200 books on history, sports, travel, computers, and business; several titles have become national bestsellers. He has appeared as a guest on NBC’s “Today” show, CNN, National Public Radio, and The Travel Channel. Sandler has worked with the world's leading luxury cruise lines for many years. His lectures blend a broad understanding of history and culture in an entertaining package of photos, music, and video.

Angela Schneider
Music, History & Culture
Coming from: Vancouver,  British Columbia  Canada
Angela Schneider holds Masters degrees in Music and Medieval History from Aachen University and is currently a violist with the Vancouver Symphony. Since 1995, she has been involved in the popular, new field of culinary history, which studies the ways in which food has shaped social, cultural and political history. Angela is much in demand as a speaker thanks to presentations that are entertaining, informative and visually rich. She is a popular Destination and Enrichment speaker on cruise ships because she brings history alive by humanizing the subjects and examining what motivates the larger processes of historical change.

Tim Severin
Explorer, Traveller & Author
D.Phil, Gold Medallist Royal Geographical Society
Coming from: Timoleague,  Co. Cork  Ireland
Acclaimed adventure writer and explorer Tim Severin, was born in 1940 and educated at Tonbridge School and Oxford University. He has made a career of retracing the storied journeys of mythical and historical figures and has many published books to his credit. His travels have been the subject of award winning documentary films and a major BBC documentary series title "TIME TRAVELLER". He has written regularly about his expeditions in the National Geographic Magazine and has won the Thomas Cook Travel Book award.

Professor Michael Share
History & World Affairs
Russia and Asia
Coming from: Macau,  SAR  China
Michael was born and raised in upstate New York and attended SUNY Binghamton for his BA in European history. Then he went overseas to the London School of Economics for his MA in International History. Returning to the US, Michael completed a PhD in Russian history at the University of Wisconsin. Michael Share taught numerous courses in European, Russian, US, military and diplomatic history for the past 40 years, either part time or full time, in the US, Russia, Hong Kong, and currently at the University of Macau. Michael has lived in the USA, Russia, the UK, Hong Kong and currently in Macau.

Bryan Shorrocks
African Wildlife
Coming from: Middleham,  North Yorkshire  UK
Bryan is a retired population biologist who has worked on a variety of species from lichens to giraffes, but for the last 20 years has worked exclusively in Africa. Born in the North of England, he studied Biology at Leicester University and Population Biology for his doctorate at Manchester University. He spent most of his academic life at the University of Leeds, becoming a Professor in 1991. He is now an Honorary Professor at the University of York. His hobby is ancient Mediterranean civilisations and military history.

Bill Simpson OBE
Military/Aviation Historian, Author & Port Speaker
Coming from: Poole,  Dorset  UK
Bill Simpson served in the Royal Air Force for 25 years. Responsible for air transport operations in Northern Ireland, he was awarded an MBE in 1979. He then commanded two RAF Stations, receiving an OBE from Queen Elizabeth in 1988. Bill's acclaimed biography ‘The Prince’ was published by HarperCollins in 2006 and he now writes historical novels. Bill is an experienced enrichment and destination speaker having completed 30 cruises over 5 years and he has employed his passion for - and comprehensive knowledge of - military & aviation history to great effect. In March 2017, Bill was selected to join Viking Ocean as a Resident Historian.

Kathy Slamp
Enrichment Speaker - Destinations
Alaska & Mediterranean Specialist
Coming from: Vancouver,  WA  USA
Kathy Slamp's childhood was spent in Alaska. She is an experienced public speaker who has literally spoken around the world. Through her early Alaska experiences, Kathy has become a well-loved and frequently requested Alaska cruise ship naturalist and lecturer. She has presented on at least 150 different Alaska cruises! Her down-to-earth sincerity and sense of humor endear her to audiences wherever she goes. People relate to her quickly and easily. Kathy has also traveled extensively throughout the Mediterranean Region and into the Black Sea.

Joseph Snyder
Destination and Special Interest
International Relations
Coming from: Kensington,  Maryland  USA
Snyder was a diplomat with the U.S. State Department Foreign Service for thirty years. He served in Thailand, Iran, Taiwan, Malaysia and Austria, as well as in Washington. Among his positions was Director of the State Department Press Office and Spokesman, when he often delivered a televised daily briefing with reporters, and Deputy U.S. Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, where he directed work on nuclear issues in North Korea, Iran and Iraq. For the past nine years he has been a destination and special interest lecturer on cruise ships, private jet tours and Smithsonian Journeys land tours.

Edwin Sobey
The Ocean, Polar Zones & Coral Reefs
Coming from: Redmond,  Washington  USA
Ed is an explorer, author, and former museum director. Holding a Ph.D. in oceanography, he has participated in two dozen research expeditions from the poles to the tropics. On his expeditions and travels Ed has taught or conducted research on all seven continents and three oceans, and visited 110 countries. Along the way he spent a winter in Antarctica, crossed the Pacific Ocean in a sailboat, studied whales from ocean kayaks, and explored natural wonders at every opportunity. Global encounters with whales, sea lions, sharks, and underwater treasure hunters have given Ed experiences that spark enthusiastic interest in his audiences.

George Sranko
Nature, Wildlife & Human interest
BSc Biology (UBC), MA (Hons) Env Governance (Griffith)
Coming from: Victoria,  British Columbia  Canada
George is known for his dynamic and entertaining presentation style. He has a BSc in biology from UBC in Vancouver and an MA in ecological governance from Griffith University, Queensland Australia. He was born in Australia and has dual Canadian / Australian citizenship. He has been featured as an enrichment and destination lecturer on cruise ships throughout the world. Close encounters with snorting grizzly bears, erupting volcanoes, drooling Komodo dragons, and trumpeting elephants have all added spice to George's presentations.

Neil Taylor
Travel Writer
Coming from: London,  -  UK
Neil studied the then communist world at university in the late 1960s. Since then he has worked in the travel business and had started to visit both parts of Germany from 1961, the year the Berlin Wall was built and also the time when Germany had largely recovered from WWII. He has visited Germany at least once a year since then, and often several times. His interests there stretch across the centuries from medieval painting through 19th century literature to the current political situation. Neil has led tours to China and Albania. He is the author of the Bradt Travel Guides to the Baltic Cities.

Malcolm Teasdale
Author, Adventurer and Enrichment Speaker
Coming from: Destin,  Florida  USA
Malcolm Teasdale was born in Coventry, England and is a successful entrepreneur who now spends his time traveling to “off-the-beaten-track” places. Since retiring from the technology industry, he now travels to the more unusual destinations in the World in search of rich cultural experiences. His 4th travel book has just been published called, “Religion, Spirituality and the way of life in the Himalayas” which describes his experience in the Himalayan Kingdoms of Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet and Myanmar. Malcolm has a wide repertoire of talks on destinations, adventure and travel.

Alan Walker
Destination & Enrichment Lecturer
Historian. Travel Writer & Speaker. Regional Analyst
Coming from: Abergavenny,  Monmouthshire  UK
Alan is a Destination & Port Lecturer, Historian and Geographer and has undertaken extensive research and travel in the U.S.A. and Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, the Mediterranean World including Egypt, Israel, Turkey and the Black Sea, South Africa, large cities of South-East Asia, Australia and the frozen worlds of Iceland. He has lectured on world voyages for many of the major cruise lines, and offers a comprehensive and interesting range of lectures in History, Geography and Environmental Studies.

Alan Whelan
Adventure & Travel
Coming from: Lytham St. Annes,    UK
Alan trained as a journalist and now works as a ghostwriter, copywriter and travel writer. Brought up in a London-Irish household his overriding ambition as a child was to travel. He has travelled extensively through Africa and written about the continent in travel books and magazine and newspaper articles. Alan has given many talks about his travels to clubs, associations and literature festivals.

Paul Whittle
Travel, Military History & Railways
Former Banker and TA Officer
Coming from: Woking,  Surrey  UK
Paul served 34 years as a Major in Royal Signals TA and his first book, the history of his regiment, was published in 2002. His interest in military affairs is wide-ranging. He is Vice Chairman, Darjeeling Railway Society and was a keynote speaker at India’s first conference on steam heritage tourism. He has visited over 50 countries and his travelogues often include unusual/exciting rail travel e.g. Siberia, Burma and are enjoyed for their mix of history, culture and people – imagine Michael Portillo but minus pastel jackets!

Richard Wilson
Travel, World Affairs, Literature & Humanities
Coming from: Oxford,  Oxfordshire  UK
Professor Richard Wilson was educated at Cambridge, Oxford and in France. After a time in publishing, his early career was as a British Council lecturer in Africa and the Middle East. He is a BBC-trained radio and television presenter and has taught at the University of York and at The Open University. Tailor-made for each voyage, Richard’s lectures develop the theme of his BBC series Writers and Places, offering insights into the places visited and the seas crossed.

Dr Karen Woodman
Destination History & Culture
Coming from: Brisbane,  Queensland  Australia
Dr Karen Woodman is a retired university professor, who is an entertaining cruise enrichment speaker on topics such as history, education, street art, culture, dance, language, and food as they relate to cruise destinations. Karen is also an avid social dancer who enjoys sharing her love of dance, the benefits of social dance, and the mind-body connection. She has traveled extensively, including North and South America, the South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, the Caribbean, Cuba, Europe, Scandinavia, and South-East Asia.

Alan Wright
Travel Writer & Motivational Speaker
After Dinner Speaker, Enrichment and Destinations
Coming from: Hartlepool,  County Durham  UK
Alan’s career as a travel writer and professional speaker goes back over thirty years. He was an award-winning BBC broadcaster for over 25 years and is busy these days on training in presentation skills and media for some of the biggest companies in the UK and Middle East. In the 1990's he became Chief Executive of Durham County Cricket Club. He specialises in business and VIP travel to the Middle East about which he gives talks as well as on cricket.

Dr Kathleen Wulf
Enrichment Speaker - Destinations
Coming from: Camarillo,  California  USA
Professor Kathleen Wulf has lectured on board cruise ships since 2009 in the Mediterranean, Baltic, Black, North, and Caribbean Seas. Her presentations focus on the culture and history of the countries and ports visited, along with relevant present-day political, social, and economic information. On longer ocean voyages, she conducts a series of lectures titled Voyages of Discovery on seafaring explorers of the world. For the past six years, she has lectured more than 100 days per year, receiving ratings of outstanding from guests.