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Law & The Courts
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Kelvin Edward (Ted) Bourn
Navigation & Maritime Law
Coming from: Waterlooville,  Hampshire  UK
A graduate Marine Biologist, Ted joined BRNC Dartmouth. Postings followed as the Navigator of ARETHUSA, Warfare Officer in ARDENT and then as a specialist Navigator during the Falklands Conflict in the Frigate ANDROMEDA. Navigator in the Australian Navy Tanker HMAS SUPPLY during a 2 year Exchange, interest then grew into the Real Reasons why the British colonised Australia. Command of HMS ANGLESEY followed, and then a posting raising the Navigation Procurement Requirements for all RN ships. Since retirement Ted is happy to talk on Australian History, Navigation & Maritime Law.

Tony Clark
Courts & the Law
Coming from: Chichester,  West Sussex  UK
Tony is an experienced magistrate sitting in the magistrates' courts in West Sussex. He sits in both the adult criminal court and is a judge in the family court. He has also been involved with the 'Magistrates in the Community' scheme for many years which involves teaching and lecturing on all aspects of the justice system to the general public. Tony offers a series of lectures about the work of the magistrates' courts and about the criminal justice system in England and Wales. The programme will include interactive mock trials where the audience can have a go at partaking in or just watching a trial and decide on innocence or guilt.

Clive Coleman
Comedy Writer & Broadcaster
Coming from: Palmers Green,  London  UK
Clive is the BBC’s Legal Correspondent, a role he arrived at via a career as a barrister, Principal Lecturer in Law, and then one of the country’s leading comedy writers. In 1992, he won the prestigious BBC Radio Light Entertainment Contract Writers Award. In 1998 he won the BBC’s inaugural ‘Frank Muir Award’, for outstanding comedy writing. Clive has delivered keynote speeches on a broad range of domestic and international legal stories and issues. His his combination of analytical, broadcasting and writing skills enables him to deliver talks that are sharp, intelligent and witty.

Jeremy Dein QC
VIP Solicitor
Criminal Q.C Barrister/ Part-time judge
Coming from: London,    UK
Day in, day out, since 1983, Jeremy Dein QC has been defending in the UK Criminal Courts. He has appeared in every type of Criminal case imaginable, from Shoplifting to multiple murder. Jeremy has represented accused from all walks of life, and from every corner of the world. In his talks he will lift the curtain on role “defence brief”, the stresses of being on trial, the ups and down’s of judicial life, the true value of jury’s - and what it's like to say goodbye to a lifer. 30 years of speaking for a living - a fascinating window into the mirky world of criminal justice, not to be missed!

Professor Christopher Dorries
Forensic Science & Crime
Coming from: Sheffield,  South Yorkshire  UK
Professor Christopher Dorries OBE qualified as a solicitor in 1977. He has considerable experience of professional education and public speaking. He is the author of a successful textbook on aspects of law. His entertaining crime lectures offer a blend of historical fact and intrigue, with an insight into the often forgotten social conditions of ‘the good old days’ and the early development of modern forensic investigation. The material is designed to be informative and educational with a light touch that allows opportunity for respectful humour.

Judith Fordham
Criminal Law and Forensic Science
BSc, LLB (Hons), completing M For Sci/PhD
Coming from: Augusta,  WA  Australia
Judith Fordham is an Australian criminal barrister, academic, author & speaker. She is a Past President of the Criminal Lawyers Association of WA, past President of Australian & NZ Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and a Member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. She is also an expert in forensic science, and an internationally known jury researcher. She is an in-demand speaker with a range of fascinating, entertaining, motivational and just plain hilarious presentations and is regularly engaged as a special interest speaker on upmarket cruise lines.

Herbert Kerrigan QC
Criminology & Law
Queen's Counsel; Barrister, Middle Temple
Coming from: Dalkeith,  Midlothian  UK
Professor Herbert Kerrigan is a leading Queens Counsel in Scotland who also practices at the English Bar in the Chambers of the Lord Carlile, QC. He has taught at the University of Edinburgh where he was lecturer in criminal law and criminology. Herbert holds degrees in Arts Law and Divinity and is also qualified in the Church of Scotland where he has been Convener of Military Chaplains.

Dr. John Kirkhope
Monarchy & Constitutional Law and Bizarre Cases
B.A.(Hons.), LL.B.(Hons.), P.G.Dip. Law, Dip.N.P., Ph.D.
Coming from: Weston-super-Mare,  Somerset  UK
Dr John Kirkhope's career has spanned the Royal Navy, Financial Services, Solicitor and Notary Public and University Research Fellow. History and Law, particularly the Constitutional Law of the United Kingdom fascinates John. He has given radio and TV interviews for the BBC, Radio New Zealand, Sky News and Russian TV. In addition to his more serious pursuits John has accumulated, an ever growing, list of the stranger and bizarre from the world of law. In addition to his legal interests John has studied Lawrence of Arabia and the Knights Templar.

Ivan Lawrence QC
Criminal Law & Politics
Kt. Q.C. M.A (Oxon) LLD (Honoris Causa) Professor of Law
Coming from: Shepperton,  Middlesex  UK
Sir Ivan Lawrence is one of Britain’s most distinguished criminal lawyers and was a highly respected and influential Member of Parliament. He has appeared for the Defence in some of the most notorious cases. In his other life, Sir Ivan was elected to Parliament in 1974, and served as a Conservative MP under Margaret Thatcher and John Major for 23 years until 1997. Well-known as a political and legal commentator from his broadcasts, lectures and journalism, Sir Ivan helped to bring about important changes in English law. His memoir, “My Life of Crime: cases and causes” provides inspiration for some of his talks.

Peter J Lawson
Criminal Lawyer
Notary Public
Coming from: Little Poulton,  Lancashire  UK
Peter has practised as a Notary Public for over 40 years and combined that with a career as a Criminal Lawyer until his recent retirement. He has defended many murderers and rapists but never prosecuted anyone. He now writes on various legal topics including the History of Notaries. He has travelled extensively for the Notaries as their Worldwide Ambassador. Peter talks about some notable legal cases, Wills and some famous Court judgements..

Paul Roach
Criminal Law, Defence & Prosecution
LLB/Solicitor-Advocate/Physics Teacher
Coming from: Lowestoft,  Suffolk  UK
Paul qualified as a solicitor of The Supreme Court of The United Kingdom in 1992 and is a member of The Law Society of England and Wales. After qualifying, he chose to specialise in criminal litigation and worked as a defence lawyer in South London dealing with clients charged with criminal offences; from the most trivial to the most serious. He then formed his own firm and has been involved in some nationally prominent criminal cases. In his talks, Paul gives detailed legal analysis with case histories, all injected with a fatalistic humour that is an indispensable necessity for the criminal practitioner.

David Ross
Criminal Law & Trials
Coming from: Chilham, Canterbury,  Kent  UK
After obtaining his LLB at Queen Mary College London, David practised as a barrister for 30 years in London. His practice took him all over the South East from Norwich to Winchester, but mainly in London and Kent. From the grandeur of the Court of Appeal and Old Bailey to the scruffiest magistrates court. All David needed was a three piece suit, his wig and gown and a copy of Archbold. David retired in 2011 and his talks range from the Life at the Bar, great trials and famous cases.

Julian Ruck
Author & Political Commentator
BA (Hons.) Law
Coming from: Kidwelly,  Carmarthenshire  UK
Julian trained as a lawyer in London and has been a law lecturer and manager of LSC contracts for CAB’x in some of the most deprived areas of the country. He is a columnist, Freedom of Information campaigner, Author and more recently, a weekly guest ‘Letter from Wales’ contributor to the influential Westminster Labour Uncut. He talks on current political and social issues.